When we talk to Intended Parents about why they chose or are considering an independent surrogacy journey, rather than an agency surrogacy journey, the main reason is almost always cost. We understand that. Surrogacy is expensive.
But we also hear a lot of horror stories of independent surrogacy journeys gone wrong. Too often we hear about potential surrogates who connect with intended parents online, start the process, and then disappear. And many Intended Parents have had this happen to them more than once.
Losing a surrogate like this is devastating – and can also be expensive if you’ve invested money in background screening, medical screening, legal expenses, etc.
Why does this happen? Probably for a variety of reasons, one of which is certainly a lack of education for the surrogate about the surrogacy process and what it involves. That is one huge benefit of using an agency. By the time a profile for a surrogate is showed to you, we have had dozens of communications with the surrogate and made sure she fully understands what she is signing up for. If we sense any hesitation or issues, we don’t approve her to move on to matching.
There are other benefits to using an agency too. We carefully pre-screen all our surrogates (for more details on the process, see: https://nysurrogacycenter.com/surrogates/surrogacy-process/#pre-screening). We provide individualized matching services so the surrogate you’re matched with meets your criteria and you meet hers. We guide you through every step of the process and provide referrals for the various professionals you will need along the way (egg/sperm/embryo donation resources, insurance, attorneys, fertility clinic, escrow services, etc.). We check in regularly with your surrogate to make sure she’s doing everything she’s supposed to along the way. If any issues arise, we can handle them for you so you can continue to have a positive relationship with your surrogate.
If you do find your own surrogate, you can still utilize some of these services. NYSC is happy to work with intended parents who have already found their surrogate. If your surrogate is a friend or family member, you might not feel that pre-screening is necessary, but you might still want the guidance, referrals, and escrow services that NYSC offers. If your surrogate is not a friend or family member, you might want all of that plus the pre-screening process. We’re happy to work with you to craft a plan that provides whatever services you need (with a reduced agency fee to be determined based on your individualized needs).