After the HCG levels were confirmed pregnant, I had an ultrasound done around 6 weeks which a gestational sack was found and then another ultrasound at 8 weeks which a heartbeat was confirmed and a baby was seen for the first time! For the first trimester it was much different than when I was pregnant with my son. I had different sets of cravings (pizza!) and different symptoms. I didn’t want to eat much as nothing, but pizza sounded good. I was tired more often than not but walking a lot to remain active. I developed a uterus bleed externally which did not affect the baby thankfully. However, I had cramping a decent amount and some discomfort. I was also still on injections providing additional hormones where I found myself pretty cranky. Eventually you feel after so many injections you are running out of spots to poke. We started slowly weaning off injections around 10 weeks and I was done by 12 weeks pregnant. I graduated from the IVF clinic and fully transitioned to my OB for the second trimester.