I’m not sure that I was really prepared for the tears, sadness and heartbreak that followed our 1st transfer that failed. It was honestly quite an emotional rollercoaster after waiting all day for news we were so hopeful would be positive. Everything about our first transfer was so perfect. As mentioned in my transfer blog, we didn’t plan on taking home tests and waited 10 days for our HCG Beta test. There was no black and white reason for why our transfer failed. My lining was great, the embryo was perfect and hatching, and my uterus was receptive. She just didn’t implant and I was very aware going into this that this was very common, I just didn’t fully prepare myself to process it happening.

After the unfortunate learning of our failed transfer, I came off of Estrace and Progesterone and patiently waited for my cycle to start so that we could move forward with next steps. It didn’t take long and I was back for bloodwork and ultrasound and put back on hormones to prepare for another ERA. We hoped this would help determine when my uterus was most receptive for the next transfer. Unfortunately, we learned that my last ERA results were inconclusive and they believe too much tissue was taken. My 2nd ERA was completed and the discomfort was much different than the first time around. It was a tad more painful than the last. Another wait for the results to come back but they determined my Uterus to be receptive and transfer #2 was scheduled for March 10. This time, a DOUBLE embryo transfer.

At this point, this was to increase the chances of one embryo sticking but we were all aware of what this could also mean.. TWINS.
That date was here before I knew it. My Intended Parents sent me off for a 1 hour massage before transfer. I don’t think I ever felt so relaxed. No need for the Valium they offered again. Transfer was super quick. Our nurse and Doctor were both wonderful. My Intended Mother was able to be in the room the whole time and before I blinked, they were done. Two beautiful hatched/hatching embryos were successfully transferred. This time, I had the McDonald’s fries. I knew this was a big Superstition and so many successful transfers have come from not eating the fries, but it felt good to add some extra luck in there after what we had been through together. Even if I despise McDonalds.

My HCG Beta test was scheduled for March 21st. My Intended Mother and I had talked about taking a few home tests before Beta just to better prepare ourselves this round. I mean, 10 days is an extremely long time to wait, right? 😉