After all clearances were issued, we were then good to go to start the embryo transfer process. This started off with tracking my period and communicating with the clinic to determine when to start the injections and wean off birth control. I took an injection teaching class offered by the fertility clinic that gave clear instructions as I self-administered the injections. I was nervous to self-administer but after a couple times it became easier. It started with 3 weeks of Lupron injections in the lower abdomen along with rotating estrogen patches By the end of this I was wearing 4 patches at once along with injections. After the Lupron injections were completed, I had to take a few oral pills before and after the transfer and start progesterone oil injections. This is an intramuscular injection that you would continue until 10-12 weeks of pregnancy. I think the worst part of the injection process is the length of time along with running out of areas to inject. I did have some minor bruising from the injections, but it was normal. The embryo transfer was done at the fertility clinic, and it was a 10-minute process and completely painless. After the embryo transfer, I was instructed to just rest for a few hours and then could resume as normal. My Intended Parents were unable to attend but sending them a picture of their embryo after transfer was so exciting and it felt real at that moment. I had a strong feeling the baby was implanted and she was going to stay. Yes, we knew the embryo was a girl prior to transfer. After 10 days I went for bloodwork and was confirmed pregnant. My HCG levels were extremely high, so that was promising, and relaying that to my intended parents was so exciting!!