Prior to an embryo transfer, your uterine lining needs to be a certain thickness. The clinic wanted my lining to be at 7mm a week prior to the transfer. When I flew in and was seen at the clinic, I was at 6.7mm. The clinic was confident that I could get to a 7 with a little more time and meds. They asked me to stay in town for a couple additional days to get there or we would need to cancel the cycle and try again. I contacted my employer and asked them if they would allow me to take the time off, and my husband had to do the same. Of course, they were good with that and we stayed and followed the clinics med schedule instructions. We got to hang out in our IP’s town and relax those days. The agency was great about taking care of all our arrangements to stay and making sure we had everything we needed for our extended stay on a short notice. After a couple of days of upping meds, I went back to be seen and my lining was over 7mm. I was cleared for embryo transfer for the following week. I went back home and prepared for the transfer. When I returned for transfer they gave me a medication prior to, to help relax me. The transfer was quick and painless. The worst part was having a full bladder and needing to go to the restroom. I was literally bursting the entire time, ha-ha. It was such a beautiful moment in the room with the parents watching the embryo being inserted. We were all overjoyed with hope of a positive pregnancy. We left and I got to eat, and nap in the hotel. It was time to go home the following day. While we were traveling, I turned to my husband and said my stomach is cramping, the embryo must be implanting. A couple of days after being home, I had a rush of pregnancy hormones. I had some breast tenderness, fatigue, and moments of feeling hot out of nowhere. Although, I got a positive pregnancy test we lost that embryo early on. I was completely devastated for the IP’s. They were very encouraging and assured me that there was nothing I could’ve done. They even sent me flowers and made sure to check on me regularly.