After weeks of medications, messages, and countless emails, the day of our embryo transfer was finally scheduled: Cinco de Mayo (5/5/2023). Of course, no margaritas for me this year! The anticipation was palpable as I boarded yet another flight to Connecticut, a state whose sights I was becoming familiar with through these visits.

Arriving on the evening of May 4th, I enjoyed a peaceful night’s sleep, knowing that the next day held a significant milestone on my fertility journey. The morning of May 5th dawned with a mix of nerves and excitement. Scheduled for bloodwork and the embryo transfer, I was eager to move forward.

In the waiting area, I spotted the intended father, and the shared anticipation was evident in our smiles. Meeting with the IVF team, I appreciated being able to choose calming meditation music to accompany the procedure, setting a serene atmosphere for this pivotal moment.

The transfer itself was remarkably quick, lasting only about 90 seconds. As I lay there, I embraced the notion of being PUPO—Pregnant Until Proven Otherwise. It was a hopeful affirmation of the possibility now growing within me.

Reflecting on the experience, I felt a blend of emotions—relief, hope, and a touch of wonder at the science and support that had brought us to this point. The journey was far from over, but this milestone marked a significant step forward.

Now, in the days that followed, each passing moment was filled with cautious optimism and a deep sense of gratitude for the team who guided us through this process. As we awaited the next steps, I held onto the memory of that calm, music-filled room where hope took root.

Cinco de Mayo will forever hold a different significance for me now—a day that marked the beginning of a new chapter, filled with possibilities and dreams.

Here’s to the journey ahead.