I decided to fill out an application to become a surrogate after contemplating if this is something I really wanted to do. Personally, knowing the NYSC team, you are in great hands working with individuals who truly care and want the best outcome. To say they are amazing and compassionate is an understatement. Once you work with them, you’ll just know this is the right agency to walk you through every step. While that had a lot to do with our decision, it still took me 6 months to decide with my husband if this was the right decision for us. We have one little boy who is our world and have decided (at least for now) that we do not want any more children. We are happy and content with what we have. However, the feeling of being parents, especially a mom, is a privilege like no other. We believe everyone who wants to be, deserves to be a parent. It is a bittersweet role that is unlike any other.  The immense love between a child and their parent is something indescribable, which I believe everyone deserves to know. This is the reason we decided to move forward with our surrogacy journey and find a family that deserves this. The screening process wasn’t as long as I thought since I am a fast-paced person when assignments are given. The protocols weren’t very difficult, just extensive (for safety for all involved). This included obtaining medical records, drug screening, background checks, general information, recommendation from your OBGYN, etc. We were excited to get to the matching process as soon as possible. With NYSC being a great team behind me, this was done relatively quickly.