Now that I have chosen my agency, it was time to start making my profile. This will get sent out to potential parents for creating a match. It was a lot more intense than I thought it would be. There were questions asked that I had never thought of but thank goodness for that! It was a real introduction of what this process involves. I thought it would just be a couple questions about me and my health status with some pictures included. It was so much more in depth. They asked the standard questions that I had expected; things about my previous pregnancies, my current lifestyle and health. Then, they had questions regarding my preferences on what i would like the Intended Parents to be like, which is something I had not thought of. What type of parent situation I would be comfortable working with? Heterosexual couple, homosexual couple, single mother, single father, transgender individual. Then how many embryos would I want to transfer at a time. They could all take, they could split. How many babies would I be willing to carry at a time? Would I be comfortable with termination with several different circumstances discussed? They ask all of these very detailed questions and you have to be comfortable answering them honestly. You can not start a journey without these guidelines, topics, boundaries being discussed and documented honestly. When it comes to matching they will find a person or persons who agrees with and feels the same way about each of those topics as you do, so there should be no fear of being judged, and you should not be “talked into” agreeing to something that you are not feeling 100%. I enjoyed this portion of my journey so far because it was very eye opening and made me think hard about what situation I would be putting myself in. It made me appreciate the time and thoughtfulness that the agencies go through to make sure that their surrogate is comfortable in their decision. At least that is how I feel about my agency. My profile has been created. I was able to review it and approve of everything. It is now going to “Go live” and be sent to fertility clinics to match with intended parents. Wish me luck!!!!