The IPs we are matched with live about 4 hours away, so we traveled there for medical clearance
at their clinic. Since we would finally be in the same town, we decided to meet the IPs in person
and the four of us had lunch together. It was so great to meet them in person, we hit it off right away!


The clinic was incredible. The staff was friendly right from the moment we walked in. During
our visit they did an exam and an ultrasound on me and bloodwork for both my partner and I.
They also took the time to explain the entire process to us. We talked about the medications I’ll
need to take, how to give injections, and what to expect when it’s time for the transfer. Once we
got back home, we got the lab results and the doctor wanted me to take a couple of medications
to get some of my levels in the right spot. Because of a complication that I had in one of my past
pregnancies, the clinic asked me to have a consultation with a specialist. This consultation was
done over the phone and only took about ½ hour. After a few months and a few trips to the lab
for more blood work, we were finally medically cleared! The day that we got the news that we
were medically cleared, I couldn’t contain my excitement.
Our psychological clearance was done over zoom. This was scheduled after our trip to the clinic
for our medical exam. My partner and I did the meeting together with the psychologist. We
spoke about things like our kids and jobs, why we wanted to do this and what our expectations
are. The psychologist made us feel very comfortable and we really enjoyed talking with her.
After both clearances were completed, we entered the legal phase. This process took a few weeks
but went really smoothly.
We are so excited to continue our journey! I go for a baseline appointment at my local clinic next
week and start meds the day after!