I’m Trenity and this is my prescreening and application process to becoming a surrogate. When I was younger I was the girl everyone knows who isn’t getting married or having kids but then you know people say that changes when you meet your person. After having my first son and getting married ( we weren’t married until my first baby was 10 months) I wasn’t sure which direction I would take as far as expanding my family. I watched my sister struggle with infertility and I always told her I will have you a baby and I meant it. Later after I had my other boys (I have three boys) and knew my family was complete I revisited the idea of surrogacy and my sister decided she wasn’t ready. To me it just felt right though to go ahead and try to bless another family. I came across a post about a surrogacy quiz so I took it and a Surrogacy Is helped me. They gave me a couple options of which I chose NYSC and I have been so pleased with them. From the application process to the prescreening checklist and all the steps in between Joe and Mackenzie have been available to answers all my questions or concerns. I did have a couple hiccups so far with taking a bit longer getting my insurance info to them but Joe was very patient with me. I am working to lower my BMI and I am still trying to get my OB/GYN on board and hoping to convince her to clear me but still they have been very patient and understanding.