Hey there! So are you considering surrogacy? Maybe you have decided to pursue surrogacy but you have no idea what comes next for you. Do not fear, you have made a beautiful decision that is about to embark you on a miraculous journey. I am here to share with you my journey so you can have some personal knowledge and hopefully, it will give you peace of mind and a bit of excitement as you start your own.

I was first connected with a surrogacy advocacy group called Surrogacy Is. The advocates in this group were amazing at assisting me with understanding what to expect as a surrogate and then connected me with an agency. After a few offers from some agencies, and getting some advice from my advocates, I chose New York Surrogacy Center. It was a decision that has proven time and time again to be the best one for me.

After choosing New York Surrogacy Center, I was connected with Joe. Joe was friendly and inviting and wanted to ensure we both felt comfortable pursuing this extensive and rewarding journey together. When the call was over, Joe sent me an official application to complete. I was anxious to get the process started and had it completed within 24 hours. The application was very detailed and asked a lot of questions regarding my physical and mental health. It even asked questions about my family and what I was expecting when being matched with intended parents. Even though the application took some time, I was thankful because it ensured there were no surprises in what they were expecting from me and them. Joe then sent me an official acceptance with their agency which was a super exciting time. With the acceptance came a to-do list of signing forms and collecting medical records. This process took a bit longer because of obtaining medical records from hospitals and physician offices.

Joe and the rest of the New York Surrogacy Center team were helpful and responsive during this process. Once I had everything put together, my insurance was reviewed to determine if it was surrogacy friendly. After everything was approved, I got to work with Joe to complete my profile. Joe was great at asking me questions about what I was expecting from intended parents and even included my husband in the conversation. I was appreciative to have my husband so included in the process and to have his opinions heard as well. All of the inclusion and communication made me confident New York Surrogacy Center was doing what it could to ensure the matching process would go as smoothly as possible