The agency pre-screening/application process, hmmmm, what a long process it is! Hi, I’m Anna and I’m in the process of applying and becoming a surrogate for some of the absolute best people I know. So, the pre-screening and application process is tedious and takes time and patience…but for one of the greatest gifts I’ll ever be able to give someone, worth it!

It basically starts with the application and sending of all documents needed for surrogacy. Medical records, release forms, financial information, criminal background check,  and many others. If all of that goes through and looks well and good, you need a preconception ok from your OBGYN, or possibly a Maternal Fetal Medicine expert (MFM), which in my case was needed due to my huge third son! They gave me the green light when they realized I was healthier now than when I had my first son almost 17 years ago, and that I’m down for a scheduled c-section to avoid any complications during the birth. Now I’m waiting for the appointment to be seen with RMA for the rest of the required exams before starting IVF treatments to ready my body for the embryo transfer! Hopefully, fingers crossed, that will happen soon, end of summer, maybe!?

I have said enough, even though I could continue! Until next time, hopefully with news of when the transfer might be, or just the trials and tribulations of the treatments themselves, but I shall be back!

Yours (for my IP’s 💜),