After choosing New York Surrogacy center as the agency I wanted to work with, I was introduced to Joe and the team at NYSC. Joe was great with the intake process and gathered my information while answering any questions I had. Joe educated me on the process, topics to think about, and what to expect going forward. Although I had done my research about surrogacy prior to applying to be a candidate, I was given more information on the process and areas of the process I hadn’t thought about. Topics such as pregnancy reduction/termination, deciding my surrogacy preferences, etc. I always assumed surrogacy matches/journeys were all decided by the intended parents and I would need to do whatever they wished. Joe was very clear in making sure I understood that I very much had a say about my choices in regards to surrogate preferences. After my first zoom meeting with Joe, I was even more excited to get started with the path to surrogacy. Joe also assisted me with completing a profile and getting the process started.