Application is signed and profile is sealed. Potential candidates are sent. Having an open, honest, and transparent personality makes it harder to see past the summarized paragraph for couples. Will they be overbearing? Will they shut down communication? Will they not like my sometimes over detailed personality? I was open to the first two candidates based on medical background and interracial similarities. Unfortunately ( well overall fortunately), fertility clinics did not think I was the best candidate for them. I was sent a profile of a loving veteran couple. Immediately the stereotypes rolled in my brain being raised a military brat myself, I knew punctuality, clarity, and consistency would not be an issue. They say the universe sends you a sign in the most definite but minuscule ways. Their daughter had the same exact birthday of my best friend in high school that I named my son after. What are the odds!? Okay, you’re overthinking this Amanda, but go ahead and schedule a zoom. As a person that reads behavior, the intended mom stood out to me. Although I was initially intimidated by her Marine background, during the call I could tell she was hiding her excitement she kept trying to fix her posture but she couldn’t hide the sparkle in her eyes. It seemed as she wanted to jump through the call and hug me ! The intended dad was genuine and could tell he was a man that loved his family and would always prioritize them. This is it! The call was organic, nothing forced. I immediately said yes but was waiting for their decision… which was also yes 10 min later ! NYSC are good at matching candidates. Whatever the secret is to their recipe, it’s a G R E A T one!