Why Choose Us?

New York Surrogacy Center offers the following advantages over other surrogacy agencies you may be considering:

  • We are intentionally small so we can provide personalized, attentive service to our clients.
  • We work with many surrogates from NY and the surrounding states, thereby allowing us to offer NY intended parents local match options.
  • We can do almost everything electronically, from using fillable forms and e-signatures to coordinating video conferencing, so it is not a problem if you do not live near our office in Albany, New York.
  • We follow ASRM and SEEDS best practices in all of our internal policies and procedures to give you the best chance of a smooth and successful surrogacy journey.
  • We have rigorous pre-screening requirements and procedures for our surrogates so that by the time you are matched, you can be confident that your surrogate will pass her medical and psychological screenings.
  • We are transparent about our fees and the costs of surrogacy so you will never be surprised along the way.
  • We are licensed to match NY surrogates by the NYS Department of Health.

“We can’t recommend NYSC enough! Our journey with them has been terrific, they really took care of us the whole way through. Matching was made easier (and faster!) because of them, and the entire process has been seamless. They are classic over-communicators, which we really appreciated! It never felt like we were waiting long for a response from them, they are really proactive when it comes to providing updates. They were always there (day or night) to answer our many questions, and we are so thankful to have them as our agency. Thank you NYSC!”

T & J

Choose New York Surrogacy Center

“Throughout our lives, we have experienced many highs and lows. One of the lows was trying for many years to experience the joys of fatherhood. As a same sex couple, we were truly saddened by the fact that our dreams of expanding our family with a child would not become a reality. However, The New York Surrogacy Center changed that unlikelihood to wildly hopeful expectations.

The New York Surrogacy Center, from start to finish, welcomed us with their open door policy. We were in constant communication throughout the process of bringing our baby into our lives. They made us feel comfortable and supported throughout the many months. I also believe we were perfectly matched with our gestational carrier who provided a safe and healthy environment for our child. Any questions we had were immediately answered and explained by this Center with kind words and reassuring voices.

If you are looking to bring more love into your lives, and experience the joys of parenthood, look no further then The New York Surrogacy Center. They really do makes dreams become a reality…and lives complete.”

J & P

“Choosing NYSC was the very best decision we made upon wanting to grow our family. They took a very nerve-wracking experience and made it truly as easy as possible for us – catering to our individual needs with such responsive communication and patience to allow us to actually enjoy every step of our surrogacy journey. They provided us with such individualized attention that we felt like we were their only clients. NYSC helped us navigate through uncharted waters in New York State within the hospital and court systems, and did so with such grace. Their genuine enthusiasm and concern for us and our future baby was quickly evident upon the first meeting. We were filled with questions and feelings of angst with so much unknown, and they truly put us at ease with their personalized, friendly approach. NYSC quickly became an extended family, and we will be certainly using them again for our next child!”

M & R